NanoBone® is a biomimetic material; Modelled on natural processes, for bone reconstruction. The structure of the bone grafting material is very similar to that of natural bone. Thanks to the combination of nanocrystalline hydroxylapatite (HA), the main component of autologous bone, and a nanostructured silica gel matrix that actively promotes bone formation, bone is reconstructed in a completely natural process – the remodelling.
The nanocrystalline hydroxylapatite in NanoBone® has the same morphology as in autologous bone. Low production temperatures leave the HA unsintered.
The silicon in the silica gel matrix is an essential trace element for healthy hair, nails, skin and bones. Silicon is also the main element in bone-forming cells and is responsible for the reconstruction and stability of the bone.

NanoBone® Solutions

NanoBone® | QD

Combines rapid regeneration
with ease of use.

NanoBone® QD

NanoBone® | granulate

A biomimetic material; modelled on natural processes for bone reconstruction. Available in small and Large

NanoBone® Granulate

NanoBone® | block

Developed as an alternative to the
autologous bone block.

NanoBone® Block

NanoBone® | QD


  • NanoBone® QD combines rapid regeneration with ease of use.


New applicator

  • “Ready to use” direct application from the applicator
  • Easy, intuitive use
  • Precise placement of the NanoBone® QD material
  • Controlled and exact portioning
  • Allows for small approaches to the application site
  • Allows for retrograde filling of bone defects
  • Difficult to access bone defects treated due to the long applicator with extended reach
    (outer diameter of the applicator just 8mm)

Improved material

  • Shapeable and adaptable to the defect
  • Strong cohesion of the material
  • Sticks to the bone (adhesion)
  • Stable also in aqueous environment and profusely bleeding wounds
  • Controlled osteoinduction


  • Extraction alveoli
  • Augmentation around implants
  • Peri-implantitis
  • Periodontal defects
  • Apicoectomy
  • Filling cysts
  • Sinus floor elevation

Available Sizes:

Nanobone® QD
200074 1 x Nanobone® QD 0.25 ml
200075 1 x Nanobone® QD 0.5 ml
200070 1 x Nanobone® QD 1.0 ml
200071 1 x Nanobone® QD 2.5 ml

NanoBone® | granulate

Small and Large

The Key Benefits

  • Synthetic bone grafting material:
    NanoBone® contains no human or animal ingredients therefor no material-related contamination risks and alleviates ethical concerns for patient consent.
  • Compete remodelling:
    Due to the special structure of NanoBone®, osteoclasts resorb the material as osteoblasts form new bone. Material resorption and bone formation are linked. This means predictable results and a reliable bone basis.
  • Excellent handling properties, adapts and conforms to defects, and adheres well to tissue.
  • Controlled osteoinduction:
    NanoBone® is osteoconductive and osteoinductive. It is therefor not simply a scaffold, but actively promotes bone formation.


  • Sinus floor elevation
  • Extraction alveoli
  • Augmentation around implants
  • Peri-implantitis
  • Periodontal defects
  • Filling cysts
  • Apicoectomy

Available Sizes:

NanoBone® granulate is available in either small and large granules to suit the application.

Nanobone® Small Granulate
200001 1 x Nanobone® small granulate 0.6ml
200002 5 x Nanobone® small granulate 0.6ml
200003 1 x Nanobone® small granulate 1.2ml
200004 5 x Nanobone® small granulate 1.2ml
200005 1 x Nanobone® small granulate 2.4ml
200006 5 x Nanobone® small granulate 2.4ml
200025 Nanobone® small granulate 5.0ml
Nanobone® Large Granulate
200007 1 x Nanobone® large granulate 1.2ml
200008 5 x Nanobone® large granulate 1.2ml
200009 1 x Nanobone® large granulate 2.4ml
200010 5 x Nanobone® large granulate 2.4ml
200026 Nanobone® large granulate 5.0ml

NanoBone® | block

NanoBone® block was developed as an alternative to the autologous bone block.


  • Reconstruction for lateral bone defects
  • Enlargement of the alveolar bone ridge

Available Sizes:

Nanobone® Block
200023 Nanobone® block 15 x 10 x 5mm³
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Reconstructed in a completely natural process


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